Arcanum: Tales of Myths, Mysteries and Mishaps


‘Sublime storytelling – wonderful variety!’ Paul Magrs, author of Modern Love

‘Thirteen wonder-full stories by Adelaide’s freshest voices, guaranteed to startle and delight.’ Sean Williams, author of Impossible Music





Within these pages are thirteen tantalising tales inspired by Tarot.

Which cards do you draw?

Edited by: Amber Marin, Kate Mandalov, Katia Rawlings & Katie Stedman with Lynette Washington

With stories by: Daniel L. Costin, Katie Stedman, Angus Kellaway, Liam Rogers-Murphy, Amber Marin, Portia Holmes, Poppy Kirwan, Margot Albrecht, Katia Rawlings, Georgia Nolan, Rachelle Summers, Mahalia Rose Clark and Kate Mandalov